Student Leadership

Our school encourages students to develop leadership skills and provides a variety of opportunities for this to occur.

Student voice and leadership is highly valued in our school. Opportunities for students to further develop their leadership potential are provided through Junior School Council, Buddies Program, Sports Captains, Library, Fruit, Environmental, Sports, Camps, welcoming new students and special guests and Excursions and Classroom monitors.

Junior School Council

The Junior School Council (JSC) play a positive role in creating a school environment that represents our school values; Caring, honesty, excellence and learning. At Newmerella Primary School, the JSC is a valuable opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills and be active members of our school community as it relates to decision making within the school and taking on responsibilities for a variety of school activities.

Buddies Program

The Buddies program is an integral part of our school transition program for new students enrolling at our school. It involves new students being partnered with one or two senior students to help support them with transitioning into our school. This will involve being familiarised with our school environment and operations, eating lunch and snacks together and playing together to help form friendship groups and networks.