Reporting To Families

Curriculum outcomes for all students are carefully monitored, recorded and reported to parents throughout the school year.

In addition to formal opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress with their child’s teachers, parents are also welcome to visit the school. However, if you wish to talk at length with a teacher regarding your child, please contact the Principal so that a suitable time can be arranged.

To better support students to gain quality feedback on their learning while attending Newmerella Primary School, we officially report to parents four times per year.

  • Term 1 – (late) Oral Report
  • Term 2 – (late) Written Report
  • Term 3 – (early) Oral Report
  • Term 4 – (late) Written and Oral Report

Our school believes these reporting opportunities allow students, parents and teachers to have a clear understanding with how a child is tracking in their learning and attitudes.

NAPLAN Testing

In Term1 students in Year 3 & 5 participate in National Naplan testing in Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy. Families of students involved in this receive a standardized report which provides additional information regarding student achievement.

Click here to go to the NAPLAN website for more information.