School Values & Student Wellbeing

An inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating environment for learning is critical to achieving and sustaining students' positive learning experiences.

School Values

The Newmerella Primary School values are at the core of our school. Our school values are:


  • We keep ourselves fit, healthy and safe
  • We care about the feelings, health and safety of others
  • We care for our own and other's property
  • We encourage and support others through our teamwork and collaboration We care for the environment


  • We communicate truthfully and openly
  • We learn from and are open about our mistakes We listen carefully with an open mind
  • We take responsibility for our behaviours and actions We treat people fairly and with respect


  • We always persist and give our best efforts
  • We set high goals and standards, encouraging challenge and feedback on our performance
  • We compliment and celebrate success and achievement


  • We think about, review and take responsibility for our learning
  • We respect other people's beliefs, cultures and differences
  • We seek to understand how we learn best
  • We strive to challenge ourselves and others to be curious, independent, persistent, collaborative, adaptive and resilient life-long learners.

Student Wellbeing

An inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating environment for learning is critical to achieving and sustaining students' positive learning experiences. Upholding our school values is central to student wellbeing and learning.

Our approach to student wellbeing aims to build the personal and social capabilities of all students to enable them to be more confident, persistent, independent, adaptive and resilient learners, who are optimistic about their future.


Newmerella Primary School has processes and procedures in place to support students diagnosed as being at risk of suffering from anaphylaxis. This includes a policy that is compliant with Ministerial Order 706 and the Department's guidelines for anaphylaxis management. This policy applies to all staff, including casual relief staff and volunteers, all students who have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis or may require emergency treatment for an anaphylactic reaction, and their parent and carers.

Student Support Services

We aim to support the health and wellbeing of all students. The following allied health service providers can be arranged to support families as the need arises.
School nurse - Prep screening for general wellbeing, hearing and vision.
Psychologist and counsellor - available by appointment.
Social worker - available by appointment.
Speech therapist - available by appointment.
Occupational therapist - available by appointment.
Play therapist - available by appointment.
Friends Resilience Program.

Medical Conditions

Please indicate on the enrolment form if your child suffers from asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, food or other allergies eg. allerty to bee or wasp stings. If your child is under ongoing medical, hospital or specialist care and there is a risk of sudden illness, please notify the teacher or the principal. Every student who has a medical condition or illness should have an individual written management plan from their doctor.


Remember that infections spread quickly at school. A SICK CHILD SHOULD BE KEPT AT HOME! The school does nto have the facilities, nor do the teachers and / or staff have the time to care for a sick child all day. Parents will be the first point of contact, followed by emergency contacts as per family contact details.


Infestation appears from time to time. A notice is sent out to all parents if there are suspected cases of headlice in a class or if a parent advises the school about head lice. Untreated, the problem can reach epidemic proporations. If you detect headlice on your child's head, please contact the school immediately and treat it. Various treatments are available at pharmacies and the child must begin treatment before returning to school. If you require any further information regarding detection and treatment procedures, please refer to