# Enrolment Information

Parents enrolling their children at Newmerella Primary will find useful information on this page about the process of school enrolment and preparing their child for school.

Enrolment Requirements

The school may enrol a child if they turn five before the end of April. An admission form must be filled in to have a child enrolled. A copy of the child's Birth Certificate and an immunisation form must be presented to the school upon enrolment. Important details are on this admission form such as emergency contacts in case of illness/injury. Children from another school cannot be enrolled without a "transfer note" from their previous school.
School zones can change between enrolment years. Please go to https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/ to find your designated neighbourhood zone.
Our school's enrolment form is available for download in the "Our Policies and Procedures" tab of this website.

Preparing for School

Parents can find detailed information in the Parent Handbook about starting school. Useful tips for parents of preps about preparing for the first day of school. Please refer to 'Our Policies & Procedures' tab for a copy of our Information Booklet.

School Supplies

To make it easier for parents, the school has provided for each student an Essential Education Pack as an alternative to student booklists where parents
usually purchase all the required resources themselves.
These packs are to be purchased from the office before the start of the school year and are then released to your child's classroom. Teachers will name all the items.

We have payments plans to assist parents which include Centrelink deductions , BPay or arranged regular deposits. The school does not request any Voluntary Contributions.

Please refer to the Department's Parent Payment Policy arrangements for each year level. Please visit the following website:http://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/parent-payment/guidance

School Uniform

Uniforms are compulsory at Newmerella Primary School and can be purchased at Donchi's DJ Clothing and Footwear and also Land and Surf Orbost. Parents are reminded to clearly label all removable item of clothing. Please not that the school has a uniform and Sun Smart policy in place.

Notes are to be provided when students are out of uniform. School hats must be worn in Term 1 and Term 4 as part of our Sunsmart policy. Peak caps and visors are not considered a suitable alternative.

Bus Travel

Children must have permission to travel by bus. Contact the Bus Co-ordinator at Orbost Secondary College on 51541084.

Children other than bus travellers may travel on the bus if prior permission is granted from the Secondary College. The Secondary College must have 24 hour written notice prior to a non bus student travelling on a particular bus. Children will always be placed on the bus unless a written note or telephone call is made to the contrary.

Click here to download the Bus Application Form

Food at School

Lunch Orders

We support our local businesses. School lunches are available to children each Friday and families are provided with a lunch menu and pricelist at the start of the year and / or when menu items and prices change. Orders are to be written on a paper bag with your child's name and grade, and money placed inside the bag. River Baker Cafe Orbost collects the orders from the school and delivers the lunch prior to lunch time.

Food Bank Breakfast and Fruit Program

A fruit program is currently run for the children, providing a morning snack at 10am as a 'brain break' each day. Toast and cereal are provided to students daily prior to the start of the school day.

Junk Food

All children are encouraged to eat healthy snacks and lunch. Drink bottles are recommended and should contain water only and not cordial, soft drinks or energy drinks. We ask for parental assistance by not suppling children with lollies, chewing gum, etc. whilst at school.